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My own soap opera
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Ro's very own soap opera life.
Dark Horse Geoff: you're the new soap opera
Queen of Mean Ro: LMAO am i?
Queen of Mean Ro: is it interesting to watch?
Dark Horse Geoff: at times
Dark Horse Geoff: other times i want to change the channel and watch meerkat manor. ahhaah!
Queen of Mean Ro: LMAO you should be in it
Queen of Mean Ro: HAHAHA
Dark Horse Geoff: i am! i'm an extra. the evil villian... muhaaaa!
Queen of Mean Ro: hahahaaa
Queen of Mean Ro: i wish i could step back and watch it
Dark Horse Geoff: catch it in summer reruns
Queen of Mean Ro: LMAO
Queen of Mean Ro: catch it on the bubble awards
Queen of Mean Ro: LOL

Watch as my life unfolds. This is sort of a diary inside my daily life. Can you handle the truth about me? I am letting everyone in to see what it is really like inside of my life. Sit back and hold on tight. This is something that needs to be approached with caution!

Peace out

[all celebrities portrayed here are fake. all part of a game in association with must_be_pop.]